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Diwali – No More a Sinful Affair

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

It’s time we gave a twist to the customary Diwali fare by rethinking our ingredients and cooking methods. Try out these healthy yet tasty recipes.


Diwali, the festival of lights, is also the time of indulgences. It is the time when we enjoy traditional faral — Marathi term for the delicacies made during the festival. Making Ladoos, Karnajis and Burfis is a tradition.

The faral in earlier years was carefully homemade with women congregating in the kitchen, gossipping while artistically moulding the Chaklis and Shankarpale. However, these days, these sweets and savouries are available in plenty throughout the year and no longer considered very special.

The consumption of these foods, which are not homemade and eaten more often, is one of the factors for the growing obesity and Type 2 diabetes rates in the country — a development among all ages and classes. It may be true that our grandmothers ate food with plenty of ghee but it’s also true that they did not eat Pizza, Pasta and Pastries. They did much more physical work, working in the kitchen, kneading, mixing, etc. and were on their feet. They also walked to most places.

We can still keep tradition and celebrate Diwali with the gusto it deserves. It is time to bring the cookery tradition back by giving a twist to the customary fare by rethinking our ingredients as well as cooking methods. Cutting down sugar and fats without sacrificing taste is always a challenge but these recipes are easy, tasty and unrecognisable as “healthy” or “low fat.” I was pleasantly surprised…my family, the finicky master tasters, loved them.

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