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Nutrition Counselling

Lakshya Sports

I have been consulting sportsmen at Lakshya Sports to enable them for optimal performance in their individual sports. Some clients are Arjun Kadhe, Ankita Raina, Mampi Das, Sriyanka Sadangi, Prarthana Thombare and others, all having excelled in their respective sports.

Prashanti Cancer Care

I volunteer at Prashanti Cancer Care as a consulting nutritionist. Prashanti Cancer Care is an NGO in Pune that provides comprehensive and coordinated care for breast health.

Weight Management

Obesity has proven to be the root of many of today’s modern diseases. Maintaining a healthy weight is vital to live a healthy life. Listening to your needs, learning your lifestyle requirements, and then setting realistic goals are essential for successful weight loss. I have a long list of clients who have been able to achieve weight loss success and moreover keep the lost weight off.

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