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Lamkhaga 2019

The trek begins with a road trip through the low lying Shivalik hills in the state of Uttaranchal in India. The hike starts from a town called Harsil, into the high mountains of the Garhwal region of the Indian Himalayas. Again, this is one of the most beautiful and rugged areas of the Himalayas, or even in the world. We will be in close proximity to 6500 meters (21,600 foot) high mountains, and will cross a mountain pass over 5000 meters high.

The area we will be hiking through passes through the ‘Inner Line’, which is the part of India within about 20 kms of the Chinese Border. Inner Line Permits will be obtained by White Magic for all of us. This process will need to be started a few weeks before the trip.

In the attached pdf you will find some basic information about the trip, what to expect and how to train. Please feel free to ask ANY KIND of questions, doubts or worries in the feedback form here. No question is unimportant or too stupid to ask.

We will be a group of 15 – 17 persons (with an interesting mix of adults and youngsters). This is a good sized group, will be fun!

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