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The Bridal Bible

Getting In Shape Being fit is by far the most significant part of looking good. And if you’ve been feeling a little out of shape, it’s time to get it just right before D-day. “Make it a priority and begin at least six weeks before the wedding,” advises Rita Date, nutritionist and author of What’s for Lunch. At least 45 minutes of cardio for five days a week and weight training thrice a week is the key, she says.

Diet Deal The correct diet will not only see you healthy but will also help improve your looks greatly. Says Date: “Do not crash diet. A “diet” is not about short term — it should be a lifestyle. The food you eat affect not just your body but your mind, organs and more importantly for a bride, your skin.”

Date gives a lowdown on the do’s and don’ts of the wedding diet:Avoid processed food, alcohol, too much caffeine, maida and sugar before the wedding to ensure good skin and weight loss

  1. Eat a variety and lots of vegetables — they are high on fibre, help blood circulation, support the skin’s elasticity and give you the antioxidants you need.

  2. Eating out is a great way to pack on the pounds. Chaat, heavy gravies and desserts all help gain weight. If it’s unavoidable, choose wisely — roti and tandoor instead of butter paneer and naan for example. Plan your meals out in advance.

  3. In Pune, there is the custom of “kelvan”, where family and friends hold a dinner in the honour of your wedding. These heavy meals can also cause weight gain. Ask your family and friends to serve some healthy fare. Use portion control.

  4. While we can try and get as many sources of vitamins as possible from our diet, sometimes supplements may be required. Lack of vitamin B or iron can decrease your energy levels. Get checked for anaemia (iron), vitamin B-12 and vitamin D. If you are deficient, take supplements after consulting your doctor.

  5. Get plenty of sleep. Lack of sleep causes you to overeat, and overeat fatty foods. Manage stress — exercise, pranayama, or whatever makes you happy.

  6. Avoid bloating, especially when the big day gets closer. Eat slowly to reduce the amount of air that gets swallowed. Avoid soft drinks or any other fizzy drinks —including sweet lime soda and diet sodas. Fake sweeteners like sorbitol and aspartame are not easily digestible — bubbles equal gas.

  7. Salted lassies with jeera or ginger (made at home) are a good and you should have them everyday. They are rich in good bacteria, so they too can help you avoid bloating.

Pune Mirror November 2014

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